Because Of Lily is the fusion of two voices alongside an old guitar and a scotched-up tambourine. It’s a sort of masculine and feminine hybrid of a unique musical soul. In short, it’s a couple of singer/songwriter/composers named Nyr Raymond and Crystal Petit, both music veterans, who simply enjoy making music with their guitar.

This particular guitar, called Lily, is the reason behind the group’s name. It’s “Because Of Lily” that Nyr and Crystal are able to create the songs they make.

This union has allowed the two artists to explore a side of music that’s often forgotten today…the simple and sincere side.

Because Of Lily is also an extended family of musicians and artists. A key member of this team is Jeremie Coke, bass player for the group Electro Deluxe, and old friend of Crystal and Nyr’s. He adds his magic touch to each song and is the co-author of some of B.O.L.’s songs. Two other central figures of the family are Arnaud Renaville (drums) and Gäel Cadoux (keys), also members of Electro Deluxe. Their love for the group can be heard all throughout B.O.L.’s music.

It goes without saying that Because of Lily is inspired by artists of all genres, however they don’t allow themselves to be boxed into one type of music. They also don’t limit themselves to “everyday” instruments when creating their songs. Don’t be surprised if you hear spoons, water glasses, and other unusual objects on their tracks. They like to call this homemade sound “organic music.”

B.O.L. is definitely a group that’s in its element when in front of a live audience. Whether performing a stirring ballad or an explosive jump-outta-your seat number, this group is sure to touch you in some way.